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Conversations That Encourage a Better You and a Better We

A personal invitation from the Founder, Mark Hughes:

"I invite you to learn more about The Karma Institute and what we stand for. From our humble beginning, we have remained committed to creating a Conscious Community to Create REAL CHANGE."

Thanks for exploring.

Take the Pledge! 

It is Time for a Peaceful, Non-Violent Conscious rEvolution.

The time to come together is NOW.  

We criticize our Congress because of division vs. collaboration.

I invite the Non-Profits to come together and operate as ONE very POWERFUL VOICE
Imagine a World where people are free of prejudice and you are supported by a community that honors integrity, respect, kindness and accountability.

At The Karma Institute, we believe

"Good Karma is by Choice, Not by Chance."

Take the Pledge

Our friends at The HeartMath Institute have provided sound research to support the power of a "Heart-Centered" Consciousness. Learn some amazing findings about the power of the Heart.

"When We Listen to our Heart, Good Karma Prevails"

Our World would be truly magical if we operated by Random Acts of Kindness on a daily basis.

Watch this heart-warming video that reminds us how simple acts of kindness make all the difference in the world.

Coming Soon:

An interview with Founder, Orly Wahba

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Be the Change

We Help Empower & Connect People to Create a Better World...
The only thing missing? You!