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Mark Hughes is an Interactive and Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator.  His enthusiasm and connection with his audience is unmatched. His mantra is "Good Karma is by Choice, Not by Chance." From character development in elementary schools to ethics in business, Mark's message is the importance to living by honorable principles in our daily lives. And Mark is convinced that comes from listening to your Inner Voice for guidance. With candor and astute intuition, Mark demonstrates his unyielding belief in everyone's Inner Knowing by working with people one-on-one to seek answers on-the-spot with the help of his Mini-Meditation Technique, a method to receive guidance in a matter of minutes.

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Mini-Meditation Technique

Mark's presentation about the Mini-Meditation Technique promises to introduce a streamline, efficient way to tap into your Inner Knowing in a matter of minutes.  With practice, one can be a receptor of our Innate Inner Wisdom by simply following a pattern of breathing followed by attuning to your heart.

Deepening Dialogue

This art of asking questions of others to assist them to come to the truth is simple, straight-forward and rarely used.  With Mark's guidance, pairs of individuals will be taught the process of deepening one's dialogue with their partner.  Individuals will learn the power of asking intuitively-based questions to assist their partners, their children, associates, employees and more.

Creative Healing Visualization

We heal our own bodies day after day but we don't realize it.  More and more research is suggesting that we have the power to heal ourselves with the power of our minds. Mark will guide you through a guided visualization that will identify the emotional or physical challenge and then assist you to use both your mind and your heart to make the necessary changes.

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