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Retreats & Create Your Own Vacation

No Stuffy Conference Rooms
We optimize experiential learning with highly interactive and collaborative activities for personal development while offering peaceful surroundings that give favor to contemplative introspection, meditation, and expanding one’s mindfulness. We don’t believe that learning has to come in stuffy hotel conference rooms. A lot can be gained by asking a simple question and the balance of the day spent on a beautiful beach blessed with world renowned snorkeling or the unforgettable scenery of a majestic waterfall or paddle boarding in an exotic island cove, leaving you rejuvenated and invigorated beyond measure.

Experiential Learning with a heck of a lot of fun. 
Our All Inclusive Vacation Packages and Create Your Vacation Packages introduce an experiential element that heightens lasting experiences and improves retention of lessons learned. For instance, we might introduce an event like white water rafting that reinforces team building or conflict resolution skills. No lecture, no workbook can replace the real-life experience of self-discovery, acknowledging both our strengths and weaknesses. The quiet solitude of an ocean breeze can do more for the creative mind than an hour workshop back at the office. We incorporate great fun and humor, do the education element during meals and designated times and leave you plenty of time to play and relax. We believe that much of our learning comes from being introduced to a concept and then having uninterrupted time to process it in beautiful, peaceful surroundings where you can then begin to integrate it naturally into your thinking and behavior.

Retreat Schedule

Want to schedule a specific retreat that offers the recreational activities you enjoy and travel during the time of year that suits your needs? We build Experiential Learning Vacations around the needs of our Members. Record your Wish List Now.
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EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING can be a fun and effective way to gain insights about how we operate individually and in a group environment.  We learn best when we have an experience that encourages us to reflect and consider patterns and styles that may or may not be healthy.

KARMA INSTITUTE RETREATS; We can talk about the definition of love, for example,  but it is not until we experience it do we truly embrace the compassion, devotion or deep connection with another person. "Experiential Learning" often creates a profound insight that brings us all closer to connecting in the Spirit of Good Karma on a Global Scale.